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The Tourist Authority of Thailand (TAT) requires that all tour guides attend a training course and pass a series of tests before they will issue a license. The length and breadth of the course will depend


피피 카이섬 투어

지역과 비교해 상 (Lanta Driving)

아담한 부티크 호텔인 알린타 리조트 (Aleenta Resort)은 태국 팡나 주의 푸켓 북부에 위치해 있는데 푸켓의 개발이 많이 진행된 관광객이 차고 넘치는 다른

Phuket Island Tours[Test][Edit]

First time in Phuket? Phi Phi Islands is a must for first timers. It is the topic of conversation for travellers all over Thailand. A Phi Phi Island tour is the most popular activity in the region. Phi

Coral Island Tours

Coral Island (Koh Hae) is situated 10 km south of Phuket. The island is surrounded by multicolored coral reefs, hence the name Coral Island. The island has two long stretches of white, sandy beach with